Cell Phone Marketing Trends Benefiting Businesses in 2020

cell phone marketing

Our world is currently flooded with perhaps one of the mightiest devices mankind has ever created. Well, yeah, you guessed it right, it’s the CELL PHONES. The consumers of cell phones are now nearly equivalent to more than half the world’s population. Globally almost 3.2 billion people came to own a cell phone in 2019, and by 2021 this number is anticipated to rise up to 3.8. Therefore, we believe this device will continue to increase the need for its consumption with every passing year.

Now that we agree on the fact cell phones are devices with the kind of power on human life the immensity of which cannot be denied, at least based on statistical data regarding its consumption, let’s settle on another fact too:

The usage of cell phones (mostly smartphones) has outshined the need for marketing through traditional means. Today, businesses have realized most of their audience tends to access their products and services online via mobile phones. Therefore a smart entrepreneur, who does not shy away from investing heavily in marketing adverts and campaigns, especially targets cell phone consumers. Another aspect that is focused upon is the development of mobile-friendly websites – mobile phone users demand businesses keep up with prevalent trends so as to facilitate a better user experience.

Here are some popular mobile marketing trends that developed in 2019. Take a look to understand how beneficial they may turn out to be for your business in 2020:

1) Visual Search

Just when you thought Google can’t do more to make our lives easier, it introduced Google Lens technology.

No less than any sci-fi movie, this new tech stands in line with Google’s ongoing effort to develop image recognition technology – it embodies a form of technology that helps users know more about the object they want to identify technologically. Once technological identification of an object occurs all relevant information about it also pops up.

For business owners, this technology is a particularly great medium that helps provide all the relevant information about their products/services to their existing and potential customers.

2) Instagram Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t new to businesses, even if not many of us are aware of the beneficial channels through which marketing is successfully conducted.

Instagram doesn’t only serve as a social networking site for young-adults and teenagers, it’s one of the largest platforms that facilitate businesses – new or established, big or small. Knowing how far Instagram can expand its influence if businesses continue with their online existence, Instagram has kept on evolving in terms of features and layout of the application.

In 2019, Instagram introduced ads in its Explore Feed feature. The Explore Feed section on Instagram is used to discover new feeds and content by users – this makes promotion through Instagram a great trend for mobile marketing in 2020.

3) Augmented Reality

To be honest, I think Augmented Reality is the coolest feature to be included in the list of trending mobile marketing trends for 2020.

Simply put, Augmented Reality works as an overlay of virtual objects in a real-world environment.

Brands likeIKEA have already incorporated this futuristic tech into an App by the name of Place using this feature to let users place a product in the physical space where it is intended to go before they purchase it. Not difficult to imagine how practical a trend this is making the buyer’s experience with products/services all the more worthwhile.

4) Video Advertising

Video advertising hasn’t yet earned the reputation for being a secure and beneficial tool for mobile marketing, however, its controversial status has led to experimentation by a number of online businesses. Besides, platforms like YouTube rely totally on video advertising.

So, if you want to be part of this marketing trend, you too can start experimenting with this form of advertising in 2020.

In addition to the mobile phone marketing trends mentioned above, there are more that when implemented could help businesses in reaching out to a wider audience. Luckily, with international campaigns like internet for rural areas and internet for all, we are stepping into the zone of maximized internet accessibility and smartphone consumption thus rendering effective mobile marketing trends a dire necessity for businesses of all types and sizes.

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