Asset Tracking and Inventory – Barcodes Are Your Answer.


When owning a business your assets will be one of your main priorities as without them you are unable to productively run your company. That is why there are many ways in using barcodes that you can keep better track of your assets accurately and always have an up to date live stock inventory available to you. Let’s see how.

Back in the day before barcodes were used in businesses staff would have to keep manual track of assets and stock by counting on a regular basis and recording totals and locations, this left a lot of room for human error and could result in recounts having to be made. This consumed a lot of time and labour and could put a company out of business for a day or two or even more. Businesses have now come up with ways in which to eliminate the manual task and are now using barcodes. There is no longer a need to possibly hire temporary staff to assist and the inventory will always be up to date and accurate.

The way in which to do this is to buy barcodes and  have all your asset’s and stock barcoded with asset tags and loaded into your stock inventory, therefore whenever the barcodes are scanned it will reflect on your system all the necessary information pertaining to that specific item, such a great way to prevent chaos and loss in businesses.

You may think this only applies to large businesses but that is not the case. Even with start-up businesses having all your stock barcoded can help you tremendously with your stock takes and audits. You can quickly zip through all your stock by the beep of a barcode scanner and have the electronic totals available to you instantly. Think of all those times you have received an order from a customer and you not sure if you have any stock left of that specific item and you would have to go searching, with barcodes you can pull up your electronic barcode system and check within minutes if you have stock, this also allows you to see when you need to order more of specific items. One of the greatest decisions you could make for your company is to buy barcodes, South Africa has many companies available to do this from.

Another way that big businesses use barcodes on their assets is by asset tagging machinery with barcodes that are required to go for services, repairs, etc, this enables you to keep a record of when they are due for a service, when specific parts were replaced or repaired, such as printers, machinery, tools, computer and other technology. When this is required you can simply track where exactly the asset is in the company as having your assets barcoded allows you to keep track of where exactly every asset is at all times, when moved from department to department, this option also helps eliminate theft or lost assets from companies as they are tagged and kept track of constantly.

By having your products, stock and company assets tagged/barcoded it definitely increases productivity and time management and keeps everything running smoothly as it should be. It also ensures all your equipment is kept in tip top shape and regularly monitored and updated

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