A Fantastic Afternoon at Forest City Golf Resort

the golf course at forest city golf resort

Ever wonder whether Forest City golf courses can take your mind off the stresses and strains of the work, meet people’s needs to be closed to nature or promote business cooperation? This article will be your answers.

Kevin, a successful businessman who works at an international business company in Malaysia, hereto has the most profound experience. One time, he got stressful during a negotiation with a client for that the negotiation was sucked in deadlock. To clear his head, ease the embarrassment and get enough time to make a turnaround, Kevin recommended playing golf at Forest City Golf Resort.

As an ecosystem, Forest City is composed of various forest lands, including water area, orchard, grassland, nursery, and other components, which are strictly related to urban landscape construction, park management, and urban planning. At the Forest City golf resort, buildings will be covered in green vegetation, with parks on the ground and green everywhere as far as the eye can see. Kevin and his business partner come to this Forest City resort, breathe the fresh air, boost their energy, and immerse in a piece of green country, immediately forget the trouble on life and job temporarily.

The most significant feature of Forest City Golf Resort is the Forest City golf course designed by two famous designers. The Jack Nicklaus Legacy Course was covers 74 hectares with 18 holes in all. Jack Nicklaus golf course winds through the mangrove swamp on the border with the river with slopes on the fairway, creating a turbulent and three-dimensional masterpiece. The extensive placement of trees on the sand shows the natural style of the golf course. And this golf course resembles an oasis in the desert. Besides, the vast and undulating fairway and beautiful greens are covered with lush platinum turf, making the trace of a golf ball clearly visible and bringing you the ultimate enjoyment.

the golf course of Liang Guo Kun

Liang Guo Kun Classic Course, which spans 69 hectares and stretches 7,386 yards, was designed by the famous designer Liang Guokun. The design of the golf course is a return to nature and a departure from tradition. The vast wilderness, sculpted sandpits, and large lakes add form and challenge to the course, allowing you to experience aristocratic sports. The biggest highlight of this golf course is that the designer gives each fairway a name and writes a strategy according to the fairway design. Knowing the features and playing methods of the course, players will have more fun with friends and achieve excellent results even for the first time.  Moreover, the golf course is equipped with first-class practice facilities, and multiple tees ensure playability for all levels of golfers.

Kevin and his client spent a whole afternoon there, enjoying the challenge and fun of golf. When they were exchanging golf skills with each other and talking about golf experiences, they naturally came to business negotiation and had a smooth talk. Because of their shared interest in golf, they quickly reached a consensus and removed the previous obstacles. Therefore, their story proves that it is so diverting to invite clients or friends to enjoy playing golf as well as talking about business cooperation. Kevin, in the end, concluded that a walk through the 36 holes will lead to a fantastic experience.

Forest City Golf Course in the sun

In the End

On Forest City golf courses, you could practice your golf swing on the oasis-like course and enjoy the beauty the challenge of nature. Combined with the five-star Phoenix International Golf Hotel, Forest City will make the best of resources of Forest City golf resort, and provide meticulous golf experience for owners of 35 countries and more golf event groups and enthusiasts.

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