7 Tips Help You Become a Mountain Biker

Are you an adventurer chaser? Are you longing for the ultimate shock brought about by extreme sports? If you’re, then I will recommend mountain biking to you. This is a sport that embraces fun, excitation and the unknown. You will undoubtedly embark on a breath-taking journey with mountain bike.

Like other outdoors activities, mountain biking will do you good spiritually and physically. Many riders have feedback that they have lost a lot of weight since they started to bike in mountains.

However, preparation on knowledge and theories about mountain bike cannot never be too much for a rider to ensure a safe biking journey. Fortune won’t favor those who don’t treasure their life. So with that being said, to lay a theoretical base on mountain biking should never be overlooked.

From this moment on, following our guide to see what are the indispensable tips that a mountain biker must know before going to mountains with their bikes.

1. A Professional Course on Mountain Biking is Needed

You can deem mountain biking as one of your interests, like singing and dancing, but one thing that differs them are that you can’t practice mountain biking without any preparation. Say, if like singing, you can sing as long as you like, because it won’t cause you hurt or even threaten your life, but mountain biking is not the same thing, you have to take it seriously. Therefore, a professional course is necessary, you can obtain technical skills and practice them on the berm-filled playgrounds which is the best place to train yourself before moving to mountains.

Nowadays, you can easily find places that provide mountain biking courses, some even open customized courses for groups with specific needs.

2. Maintaining Your Mountain Bike Regularly

A good biker knows how to take care of his bike. If you want to display your technical skills at will during your biking journey, you have to make sure that the bike works well for you. Therefore, every time before you riding out, you need to check it thoroughly if you have technical knowledge, or you can ask for a technician for help. Remember, this is a must to save you any medical or hospitalization cost.

 3. Making Your Muscles Relaxed

You should start your journey while your body are in good condition. You can stretch out your body so as to relax the muscle, especially your calves and arms.

4. Well-Prepared for Dealing with any Unexpected Road Obstacles

If you are really determined to be a mountain biker, you have to develop the skill of dealing with any unexpected obstacles along the road. You sometimes have to pass over logs or rocks, or sometimes you may run into squirrels. To make it a safe journey, skills of how to avoid falls and how to control your bike to pass over obstacles is a necessity. Luckily, you can learn this skill in courses. Almost all mountain biking courses will offer classes teaching you how to get around and meet safely with road obstacles. You have to acquire and master it before riding on mountain road.

5. Mastering Braking is a Must

It is not enough to just master the skills of steering and accelerating, braking is of indispensable importance. When it comes to the safety tips for mountain biker, braking performance of the bike and the braking skill of the bikers are often put at the top of the list. Therefore, you should learn how many brakes your bike has, how to brake appropriately and when to apply brakes. Once you acquired braking skill, you will gain enormous confidence and be able to master your bike.

6. Mastering Your Speed

You cannot apply same speed for different terrains. Sometimes, you need to increase your speed while sometimes need to lower it. When to accelerate and decelerate has something to do with the terrain and road obstacles. If you’re facing with a log ahead, you should accelerate at this point of time to get it over. However, the speed should be kept at a reasonable range. To much speed will increase danger.

7. Making Use of Your Body Weight

As mountain bike, we’re open to different terrains. Partnering with other biking skills, your body weight can also be used to keep your balance while dealing with different terrains. For example, when you are climbing upwards, you can shift your upper body forward to reduce the resistance, while when you’re descending, you need to do the opposite way, shifting your body backward to keep you balanced. There are more you can find with your body weight to apply. As you’re more experienced with mountain biking, you will be more capable of mastering your body weight.

To sum up, mountain biking is not only a challenge but also fun to cyclists. To bring its fun part into full play, tips on how to ride it appropriately and ride safely are necessary to know. With this bearing in mind, this article has introduced 7 most useful tips for cyclists. Read it first and practice later.

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