7 Last Minute Cool Gift Ideas

last minute gift ideas

The time has come where you need to buy another gift, and despite promising yourself you’d be more organized this time, you’ve still left things to the last minute.

This is something that happens to most of us at some point, and the default reaction is to panic, but with businesses and marketplaces now prioritizing fast shipping, there’s no need to fret.

Regardless of who you’re buying for, there are still a number of cool gift idea options you can treat your receiver to, even if you only have a couple of weeks or days until celebrating the occasion.

In this list, you will find a variety of gift ideas that cover all generations and all price budgets, so there’s no doubt you’ll find a gift that your loved one will treasure when the day comes.

Twinkle In Time Custom Star Map

Last minute purchases often leave people believing you have to forgo anything with sentimental value, but Twinkle In Time proves this isn’t necessarily the case.

For astronomy lovers, this company produces fully personalized maps that display the alignment of stars at a specific time in a location of your choosing.

Your gift receiver doesn’t have to know everything about stars, however, as the site also allows you to add your own small description of the event you’re highlighting.

This means that you can personalize your gift to highlight an occasion that means a lot to the receiver, such as a birthday, graduation or anniversary.

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

If you don’t have nine days to wait for a gift, this digital polaroid camera is another great way of showing someone you care about them.

Coming in a variety of different colors, you can personalize the gift to suit the receiver’s personality.

In addition to this, with most of us having these cameras at some point in our childhoods, it’s inevitable that you will help them to reminisce about this period in their lives and remember happy memories from this time.

Even those who weren’t around during the peak of the polaroid camera era are taking an interest, with many Gen Z’s flocking to websites to get their hands on these devices for throwback photo walls.

This item was also included on CoolThingsChicago’s best birthday gift ideas guide here, so you really can’t go wrong if you choose this gift.

Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

To continue the theme of older technologies, turntables are another thing to have regained popularity in recent years. While traditional turntables may be the more popular version of the two, they can be incredibly expensive, and also leave your gift receiver with the burden of purchasing vinyl records separately.

As a compromise, why not provide them with the aesthetic appearance by treating them to a bluetooth version increase?

Not only will this save them money, but it will also allow them full control over the music they listen to from the start because they can stream everything directly from their phone from the moment they unwrap your gift.

As a bonus, this item also comes with over twenty different color options, so it won’t be hard to find a version that fits the personality of the special person in your life.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

We all have someone in our lives who overestimates their singing abilities in the shower. Why not help this person in your life take their abilities to the next level by treating them to a Bluetooth shower speaker for their next special occasion?

Singing enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who could benefit from this device, however, as it includes buttons that allow you to answer calls, too. This may help to save the lives of phones from people who believe they cannot be unattached from their phones at any moment.

Regardless of the reasons behind this, with ten hours of battery life and impressive volume capabilities, the person you gift this to definitely won’t be disappointed!

Kool 8 Reusable Bottle

Sustainability has become a hot issue in recent years with many young activists imploring that we do more to help the planet survive. This has led many eco-conscious people from all generations searching for ways to do their bit, and one of the key movements has been to invest in a reusable bottle.

This stainless steel version from Kool 8 is a brilliant contender, made from stainless steel to ensure durability with double-insulated walls to ensure it keeps drinks cool and hotter for longer.

If you choose this last minute gift, it also comes in four different colors to help you choose something the receiver will love and get lots of use out of. 

Weighted Blanket

If you’re looking for a last minute gift and know someone who struggles with their sleep, a weighted blanket could be the perfect way to win them over.

Once exclusively used by those with additional needs, these blankets have gained popularity among the general population, with benefits including reducing stress, anxiety and increasing quality sleeping times.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the weight of these blankets will vary depending on the weight of the receiver, so this might have to be a gift you reserve to those you know well enough to have this information for.

An Amazon Gift Card

Sometimes, we leave the gift buying process to the last minute because our loved ones are extremely picky, and we feel immense pressure to get them something they’ll like.

If you’ve reached this point and still can’t think of anything they’ll like, there’s no shame in purchasing an Amazon gift card for them to choose their own gift.

Not only will this allow you complete control over choosing a gift amount you can afford, but it also provides the individual with an opportunity to purchase something they will genuinely get a lot of use out of.


So there it is, our list compiling all of the coolest gifts you can buy for your loved one at the last minute.

From Bluetooth devices to personalized gifts, there’s literally something that everyone can enjoy on this list. And remember, if you’re really struggling, nobody’s going to be disappointed with being treated to an Amazon gift card! 

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