5 Differences Between SEO and Paid Ads You Should Know About Today

Differences Between SEO and Paid Ads

Two options you can choose from when planning a digital marketing campaign for your business are SEO and the use of Paid Ads.

In this article, I will compare these two digital marketing strategies to help you make a better decision when it is time to start running a digital marketing campaign for your brand.

Before we get started on the differences, please note that both digital marketing methods work. You can get results by implementing both systems. However, to save costs, it is possible to choose the method most suitable for your business to get the best results.

SEO is all about embedding the right keywords in your Meta description and written content to make your website or product pages rank high on Google. SEO is also all about building high quality links to your website.

On the other hand, to use paid ads for your online marketing campaign, you will need to pay a social media influencer, the owner of a blog or website that receives high traffic, or use Google Adwords to promote your services in return for a fee.

According to Digital Authority, you can only get the best results during a digital marketing campaign by choosing the best online marketing strategy when you start out, say Business.com.

Now you have an idea about the two digital marketing strategies, let’s begin with the differences…

Traffic Generation

There are two types of online traffic you can receive to your website. They are organic and paid traffic.

Organic traffic (definition here) is generated when people find your website while searching for keywords related to your brand on Google or another search engine. SEO is one of the best and most reliable methods for generating organic traffic to your website.

Paid traffic is generated by paying for an advert on a popular website or blog where people who are not searching for your products can see, and they will then click on your paid advertisement to visit your site.

The Use of Keywords

SEO strategies require the use of keywords to make it easier for your product pages or website to be found by people searching for your type of products or services on a search engine.

Paid advertisements do not require the use of keywords.

SERP ranking

You can influence how your website ranks on search engines with paid ads. All you need to do is pay the highest bid for the best slots. But, if you use SEO, you will need to find and strategically use the keywords that will push your content up the SERP ranking.


According to Website Magazine, you will spend more money if you decide to use paid ads over SEO for your online marketing. Using paid ads is quite competitive. You are constantly under pressure to bid higher for the best online advertising slots.

Long-Term Benefits

With SEO, you can get more long-term benefits. Traffic generation continues as long as your keyword-rich content is online. However, your traffic stops the day you decide to stop paying for paid ads.

In conclusion, if you want quick results, paid ads can give you that. SEO strategies may take a while to start yielding results, but it is worth your investment.

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