5 Cool Gadgets You Must Totally Take on Your Next Camping Trip

pluto trigger

Do you smell that? Try harder?

Well, we smell the woods – and we believe it is time for yet another amazing camping trip.

So that your trip becomes the talk of the camping trip town, here are some accessories you should never go without.

1 LifeStraw

No matter how long you will be away for, getting a supply of quality drinking water is non-contestable. When in the woods, though, we doubt you would come across any water filtration system.

The good news is: you can have yours in pocket, and it comes with the name LifeStraw.

This straw can remove almost 99.9% of all contaminants from water you come across, so all you have to do is to dig in.

2 Headlamp

Everyone knows that they should go camping with a torch of their own. When push comes to shove, though, conventional torches will require the use of at least one hand. That takes that hand out of the equation when handling stuff – think cooking, clearing paths, setting tents, etc.

You could get around all that by sporting a headlamp instead. Now, you get all that light with about no effort.

3 Pluto Trigger

How would you like to capture some of the most amazing shots during that camping trip? How about getting some of the greatest wildlife shots there are? No matter what forms of images you would like to have, the Pluto Trigger is the best bet for you.

Pluto Trigger works with a free app that you can get on your Android or iOS devices, and this simple tool helps you program your DSLR camera to do amazing things.

For one, the remote camera shutter allows you to take pictures in 24 different modes – HDR, time-lapse, lightning photography and more.

You can also take stunning wildlife features by programming the PIR sensor which triggers once it detects an animal’s body heat. Thus, you get great shots without ever being in harm’s way.

All that, and we have not mentioned how the camera trigger can be set to take single, burst, or repeated shots separated by time intervals.

4 First Aid Kit

We always wish for a safe camping trip, but anything can happen at any time.

From tripping over fallen branches, stepping on twigs, and catching a fever to getting bitten by a bug, you should be prepared to handle most of these on-site.

The best bet will be investing in a quality first aid box for the trip.

Besides buying one, you should also make sure you have someone in the camping team capable of administering first aid. After all, having the kit and being able to use it are two different things.

5 Your Pick

Veteran campers, what are the must-haves for any camping trip you are going on? We are interested in drawing from your well of experience too.

Fill us in on some of the most resourceful camping items you have ever personally used, and how it improved your camping experience.

Final Words

Even if you are just a first-time camper, or have been going for a while, the items above are worth strongly considering for the best experience. Don’t forget to cross all other t’s and dot the remaining i’s before you leave home, though.

With that, we have just two words for you: Happy Camping!

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