4 Exterior Renovations to Boost Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

When it comes to boosting your home’s kerb appeal, everyone seems to be fully aware of the little projects and enhancements you can make. These can include things like planting a garden filled with bright flowers (get some garden compost from Quality Garden Supplies for best results), painting your front door, installing new exterior light fixtures, and just giving your lawn the attention it needs. But what if you’ve done all the little jobs and you’re still not happy with the results? What if you want “more”? This is when it may be worth it to start considering the larger more impactful renovations you can do to the exterior.

Here we’ll take a look at four large exterior renovations that are sure to boost your property’s kerb appeal and have you feeling happy with the results.

Replace All the Windows

This is a costly job, but if your home is getting old and you’ve never replaced the windows it could be time to tackle this massive job. Installing new windows will instantly modernise the exterior of the house, making it look clean and fresh. Plus, there are energy-saving benefits as today’s windows are much more efficient than those of 20 years ago.

While you’re replacing the windows, you may also want to consider replacing your front door if it is looking weathered as well.

Install a New Boundary Fence

An old fence can lower the kerb appeal of your property, but it’s one of the cheaper improvements to make. If your boundary fence is shabby, in danger of collapse, or overrun with weeds, tear it out and replace it with a smart new one. Paint it with an attractive shade of wood stain and remove weeds from around the posts and base of the fence. If your budget allows, you could even replace it with a brick wall. 

Rip Out the Existing Driveway

Do you have a driveway that dips, sinks, slants, is cracked or has potholes? If so, this really affects the overall kerb appeal of the home. Even if you do nothing else, refreshing the driveway will make the home look more cared for and will help it stand out. This is also your opportunity to choose a different material. Perhaps you have a concrete driveway right now. Making the switch to interlocking blocks or resin will drastically change the exterior, according to Houzz.

Build a Deck

Maybe you want to boost kerb appeal and then have the option to sit outdoors, relax, and enjoy the beauty of your home. If so, building a deck either in the front or back of the house is another great idea (see why here). And it’s not just the deck itself; it’s how you style it with the furniture, finishes, and décor.

Create the Kerb Appeal the House Had Been Lacking

Each of these projects will be able to create the level of kerb appeal that the house is currently lacking, and really bring about pride of ownership.

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