3 Reasons Why You Can’t Recycle Paper Coffee Cups

why coffee cups can't be recycled

We can no longer deny the fact that disposable coffee cups are becoming a nuisance in our society, endangering the environment. There have been many attempts to recycle paper coffee cups, but none of these trials have been entirely successful.

Thankfully, there is an alternative that you can use to enjoy your favourite coffee without feeling guilty about harming your environment. You should consider drinking coffee with reusable coffee cups.

Regardless of our age, status, or lifestyle, we should all be concerned and proactive about protecting the earth for the coming generations. To dispel the arguments about recycling coffee cups, we have written three reasons why it is not possible to recycle paper coffee cups.

Paper Coffee Cups are Made From Real Trees

The materials used in manufacturing paper coffee cups are sourced from trees. It would have been much better if these paper coffee cups were made from recyclable paper. Using recyclable paper to make coffee cups is too expensive, so we don’t see this happening.

Polyethylene Coating on the Inside of Paper Coffee Cups

Another reason why it is difficult to recycle paper cups that are used to drink coffee is the plastic layer (polyethylene) that is used to line the inside part of the paper coffee cup. It is not possible to recycle items that contain this lining. The paper coffee cups then find their way into dumpsites where the plastic lining inside contributes to endangering the environment.

Too Few Recycling Plants for Coffee Paper Cups

The paper coffee cups made with wax lining inside can be recycled, while the cups made with polyethylene lining cannot be completely recycled.

Unfortunately, only a few recycling plants have the equipment to determine the different types of paper coffee cups that can be recycled. This is why little effort is made to recycle these coffee cups, which means they are sent to landfill sites.

The manufacturers of plastic cups have acknowledged these issues, and efforts are now being made to adopt the reusable coffee cup more widely, which present fewer risks to the environment.

We understand that it is difficult to abandon the desire to drink coffee on the go, so it is encouraging that the stakeholders in the coffee making industry are making serious efforts to offer the best coffee blends without putting the environment at risk.

Using reusable coffee cups has made it possible to enjoy our favorite coffee on the go. This is why more efforts should be made to educate the public about the impending dangers of using paper coffee cups and the need to switch to reusable coffee cups. If you are interested in buying your own reusable coffee cups, we would recommend that you visit the product range at globalwakecup.com. There are many reasons why you should use them:

– Global WAKEcup’s range of stylish and sustainable coffee cups are long lasting and durable, and will last for many years.

– Global WAKEcup kindly donate 10% of their profits to ocean conservation charities, so your purchase will really make a real difference.

– Global WAKEcup not only do coffee cups, but they also offer copper water bottles, vegan backpacks and bamboo straws. Check them out today!

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