White Marble Tiles is the Classic Look of Tiles Your Space Needs

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What are White Marble tiles?

White marble tiles are tiles products of natural stone tiles made from white marble, after undergoing intense heat and pressure over countless of time. They are prominent for their pristine white colour and amazing patterns. Their elegant look and varieties in interior design cannot be overlooked. These tiles have witnessed both the ancient tiles and contemporary tiles period. They have traces all over the world, Greece, Rome, Italy, Turkey and India. They exist in varieties in terms of types and grades filled with unique characteristics and veining patterns. Examples of White Marbles tiles include, Carrara, Calacatta, Statuario, Thassos, and Arabescato. 

White Marble tiles have been known for their long-time existence and this speaks volume of timelessness. With their long-time existence, they are always evolving and coming out with an amazing look to give elegance. They are prominent for their pure beauty which has been able to move beyond a period of time to the other. 

Little wonder, they are named ‘Marble’. They are cherished for their enduring beauty that radiates everywhere with their installation. This radiation of elegance and classic appearance are well deserved in your space. 

Do you just say why should you get White Marble Tiles? Come along with me as I will tell you the uniqueness of White Marble tiles. 

A Sparkling Heritage Colour

The colour, white is agreed to be a colour from the ancient time “White” is not a new colour but it is still well reserved anywhere it is and it cannot be hidden anywhere it is.. White Marble Tiles are notable for use during the ancient civilization in architectural and artistic including ancient temples. The existence of White Marble Tiles till present has proved its enduring and alluring beauty which sparkles everywhere beyond the past. A Look at Taj Mahal also reveals what it means to have a sparkling heritage colour, White Marble tiles in your space.

Unlimited Versatility

The varieties of your spaces is an amazing part of your and it would be more amazing to have fitted sizes of tiles suited for its decoration. White marble tiles are available in different sizes, designs, pattern, and finishes to give unlimited opportunities of creativity to complement your spaces with classic look without disruption.

Engraving Aesthetics Art

White Marble tiles doubled function as an aesthetic art wherever they are. This tile can be engraved on your walls for aesthetic purpose which will elevate and magnify your space. The installation can be creativity done at your particular spot for engraving to be cherish for it elegance look beyond time. 

The Undiluted Beauty

White Marble tiles are known with the colours that does not contain mixture of colours. Despite this, its beauty is always a wonder. Any space beautify with White Marble tiles is like immersing the space in the wonders of undiluted beauty and make the space to stand out. 

It Gives a Timeless Appeal

It has been proved time over time that White Marble tiles would continue to exist. White Marble tiles are different for tiles made for a particular season or period of time. It is beyond particular season and period because it with the passing of the period or season, it beauty does not fade or pass away. 

Magnifying Every Space

Floors are mostly known to be the beneficiary of tiles but White Marble Tiles express its elegance to all spaces beyond floor.  White marbles tiles are use as flooring, wall cladding, countertops, backsplashes, decorative accents, fireplaces surroundings, and any surfaces you want. These tiles can beautifully fit in your kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, entrances, walls and transform the spaces into a sanctuary of style and sophistication.

Uses of White Marble Tiles

Flooring: White Marble tiles can be use as flooring materials in your homes, offices, hotels or temples. Their durability let them withstand heavy foot and gives your steps majestic.

Wall Cladding: White marble tiles are use for wall cladding in places like the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, to create a decorative look while also protecting the walls from moisture and damages to maintain its overall classic look. 

Other uses of white marble tiles include, countertops, backsplashes, decorative accents as the you desire. 

All classic look needs maintenance and attention. 

The presence of White Marble tiles on your spaces surely attracts every passer-by to glorify its elegance. The further reinstates its classic look that brings pleasure and more valuable. Every valuable thing needs to be maintained and taken care of to ensure the continuity of its value, elegance and appearance. All tiles can experience cracking when not taking proper care of. This does not exclude White marble tile, although it is durable. 

Let’s check how to maintain you classic looking white marble tiles in spaces.

Clean regularly: clean the white marble tiles surfaces regularly with a clean cloth or mop to remove dust. 

Use of pH-Neutral cleaners: White Marble tiles are made from natural stone and acidic or alkaline cleaners can discolour the marble with time. Therefore, use pH-Neutral Cleaners particularly made for natural stones surfaces. 

Avoid Abrasive Materials:  A smooth surfaces can be scratch with the rubbing of abrasive material like steel wool or abrasive cleaners, also with the dragging of sharp objects. To maintaining your white marble tiles, use soft brushes or non-steel sponges for cleaning. 

What other ways can you maintain white marble tiles? Do you mind dropping it in the comment box?

White Marble tiles are pristine elegant and durable tiles made from natural stone with their installation to give your spaces the classic look needed. Every classic look needs to be maintained and do well to maintain your classic space. 

Here at Lioli Ceramica, we offer a wide variety of trendsetting white marble tiles to suit every style and need. Visit our website or showroom to explore our exquisite collection and get started on creating your dream home today! Don’t just renovate, redefine your area with white marble tiles that speaks your story.

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