5 Things Your Personal Injury Lawyer Requires from You

When looking for a personal injury lawyer, you always want the best. But did you know that the lawyers have expectations, too? They want good clients that they know they can defend and represent. There is an assumption among clients that injury

Factors That Can Affect Your Settlement Amount

One of the most common questions that car accident victims have after filing a claim is how much money they can expect as a settlement. The amount of money someone can expect depends on several factors because every accident and case is

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Most people live under the assumption that they’re good drivers. As such, they might not ever consider what kinds of behaviors could lead to a collision in the first place. Unfortunately, the data doesn’t really support this line of thinking. In 2016

Tilray Expecting Cannabis Legalization Within Two Years

A few weeks before the US Presidential election, we ran an article on this website speculating about where cannabis and cannabis products might next be legalized within the country. All the information we listed in that article was correct at the time

Types of Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases

Many people sustain severe injuries after being in a slip and fall accident. Out of the approximately eight million emergency room visits reported each year, 12% of the cases are slip and fall accidents. If your accident occurred in a hospital, you