Why Is Tech Talent Shortage Happening?

The more technology is incorporated into our daily lives, the higher the demand for quality tech talents and tech jobs in the market. However, this increasing demand has also impacted the ability of the workforce to meet the skills and experience that

Why it is Important to Avoid Data Breaches

Many companies, both private and public, have experienced massive losses due to data breaches. We have also heard of websites that have had to shut down after important user information was illegally accessed and made public. Behind the scenes, these companies are

Healthcare Executives Plan to Battle Cybersecurity Threats

In 2015, cybercriminals increased their focus on one of the largest sectors of U.S. economies, exposing over 100 million records to those who wished them harm. Unlike the financial sector, which had invested heavily in security, this sector remained relatively open to


15 Ways Technology Can Help Your Small Business Succeed…

Small businesses don’t have the capital — human or financial — that larger firms do. When working with limited resources, it’s important to work as smartly as possible. There are many information technology innovations out there that promise to solve the problems

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